How does this hair, grown from a specific breed of goat under very specific environmental conditions, generate the high prices that we see in retail stores?

The hair is very fine, and long. So it is ideal for twisting into fibers and yarn. Because it it so fine, when it is washed and processed, the finished product maintains an incredible softness. It is a costly process to separate the fine undercoat from the topcoat, which is shorter and much thicker, and makes up a majority of the goat's coat. And because it makes up only a small portion of the goat's total hair count.

The goats thrive in cold, harsh climates. And the the quality of the hair is also at its best in those climates. It is the soft undercoat that develops to keep the goats warm in the winter cold.

The quality (and price) of cashmere garments has become controversial. How can a 100% cashmere sweater sell for $100, and also upwards of $1,000? The difference is in the quality of the raw material, as in the geography and living conditions of the goats themselves, and also in the processing of the raw material into finished fibers and yarn. 


What is Starkweather doing with cashmere? While we already work with the finest cashmere from Italian mills importing the highest grade from Mongolia, Nepal and China, there is a bright future ahead for natural fibers in the scientific world. Our research and development process will lead to cashmere fibers that have enhanced capabilities in addition to the unique softness, lifespan, and versatility in temperature regulation. While some examples of enhanced cashmere exist, the current technology focuses on adding a small percentage of cashmere to synthetic mixes that are commonly used in activewear. 

This will be an ongoing process, and we look forward to introducing new products with in the coming years. In the meantime, we will continue to seek out and offer the world's finest cashmere in our garments and crux, direct from the nomads of Mongolia, and from our suppliers in Italy. 

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