The past nine days, I have been in Mongolia, living a lifelong dream and learning more than I thought possible in just over a week. From the capital Ulaanbaatar and west through the Orkhon Valley, I stayed with nomad families throughout central Mongolia, and learned about the culture of the country and its cashmere industry in this country where half the population still lives nomadic lives.

I'll be sharing about the experience on the blog over the next few weeks, about the traditions, Mongolian costumes, and cashmere supply chain. Keep checking back for more!

– Lee 

Founder, Starkweather

Everywhere you look across the landscape are bands of horses, cattle, sheep and goats. Further south towards the gobi desert, camels are added to the mix. Towards the north, yaks.

The animals graze freely on the land, the neighboring nomads coordinating amongst themselves whose animals go where within a given area. The nomads move 2-3 times a year, with at least one winter location and one summer location. Most of the families I met had just moved within the past couple of weeks to their spring locations. They move generally between the goat combing in April and the sheep combing in June.