The badlands
Into the badlands the bad man ran
Hiding out from the hero’s of the lawless land
Canyon roads deep and narrow
Here the hawks eat the sparrow
Diving down to the depths of the ravines

Like the veins of his body
Pumping blood quickly, hotly
the system of trails branched away.
Deeper in he goes, more hidden, he knows
To evade capture and get away clean.

Kicks the sides of his horse
Thick skin but it hurts
The dust kicks up horseshoes a’ clicking

Seeing clouds up ahead
Through the rocks of dusty red
The sheriff looked up just in time.

Badge glints in the sun
Grit inscribed on his gun
His hat casting shadow o’er his eyes

He closed in on his man
Knowing time’s no one’s friend
with a rope wrangled him to the ground

one more vanquished bad man
in the long list of them
grit prevails with the sheriff around