I am planning my summer weekend trips,
Luxembourg, Antwerp, Prato, and the west of France to two little knitwear factories. And maybe Switzerland (Zurich? Lausanne?).

So I have been looking at train tickets, and also at itineraries.
In Luxembourg I know I want to see the MUDAM (modern art museum) for the John Stezaker and Mac Adams Exhibits. And then see a couple of shops, I hope. But basically discover this amazing little place.
Here is a one day NYTimes itinerary
So I basically want to make sure that I make the most of it. You know?

But train tickets also gave me the idea that I could rent a car and do Antwerp, Luxembourg, and Metz (to see the new Centre Pompidou branch) all in one efficient go. And see the country side.

I need to buy a video camera. And an SLR.
Oh man.