Ruth La Ferla on Joseph Altazurra:
An example of a young and promising designer- this article really dives into what makes the wheels turn smoothly- it's pretty cool. Sometimes it's nice to read about the people and their process- especially in this case I love the element of his parents and how real you feel their perception of him and his business is. Maybe a strange comment but this is a bit of a ramble. Anyway, the article is worth reading:

"Another Season, Another Show"

This Picasso Article as well:
"When Picasso Changed His Tune"

the never ending question of what is art and what is nonsense...the question itself is pretty nonsensical. But obviously someone who pulls some strings put enough value on the work of the man that he has become the legend he is today.
His style did change drastically over his career though- and that is kind of awesome, in my opinion. How else are you supposed to create for decades on end and not get bored? How else can you be an artist if you don't react to the changes going on around you and the changes you are experiencing personally?