four times per year
the provisions are delivered
four times a year 
once in dead cold

the roads are closed
and a boat's not an option
the lake is now ice
with a coating of snow

travel 'cross ice 
leaving tracks not to follow
they are a caution 
someone's passed here before
the sack on a sled
efficient and agile
at the start you say
I could have taken more

In the refuge oasis
 the island of tress
you can't stay too long
you feel safe, you won't leave

the wind may be biting
advance past the tree line
just think of arriving
on the far side

it seems too distant
with your heavy load
but you've done it before
knowing that's all you need

take the first step
where the ice isn't worn down
across to the clearing
with the old crooked tree
deliver the wares
warm up your feet
start plans for next time
prepare once again to leave