"...walking through the haze he saw a hopeful sign before him. a distinctive roundness at the height of a tree. The old man had drawn it at the end of his map in the sand on the riverbank. After days in the forest he had almost lost hope, the cryptic map leading him further and further into a wilderness that was less and less navigable. But isn't it often with our absolute last exhalation of aspiration, when we expect to breathe in defeat, that we realize we've reached the elusive destination? Here he felt that this was it. This was right. This is where he told me I would find the next piece and finally here I am
So he looked up into the tree.

There was the owl. Eyes closed, meditative. I called up to him "hello, are you the owl in the tree?"
and he opened one eye, as if he could see more than enough without troubling the other...."