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Excerpt Series inspired by Alejandro Cesarco

This series was created as a way to document moments of text that stand out in a body of work and tell their own story in a new context. A kind of copy and paste.

works inspired by artist Alejandro Cesarco, after a recent visit to his exhibit at le Plateau in Paris.


from The New Yorker February 10, 2014

Bet The Farm: Robert Frost's turbulent apprenticeship. by Dan Chiasson



From Harpers February 2014

The Oa: The pleasures and perils of whiskey by Colin McAdam

from The New Yorker February 3, 2014

Full Fathom Five: Derek Walcott's seascapes by Adam Kirsch



hard day's work

A hard day's work
Back bending
Feet Pressing
Into the sand
or into the grooves
worn into the deck of the boat.

Drag the catch in
pull in the ropes
the nets are tangled
by the fish inside

good day or bad it ends the same
clean up
go home
Sleep deeply
if you can

tomorrow you'll be on your feet again