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A City of Texture

Textures seen around Paris- age, weather, renewal, force, mixed media, portals, passageways, stone, wood, glass, wild, manufactured, organic, designed...



Excerpt Series inspired by Alejandro Cesarco

This series was created as a way to document moments of text that stand out in a body of work and tell their own story in a new context. A kind of copy and paste.

works inspired by artist Alejandro Cesarco, after a recent visit to his exhibit at le Plateau in Paris.


from The New Yorker February 10, 2014

Bet The Farm: Robert Frost's turbulent apprenticeship. by Dan Chiasson



From Harpers February 2014

The Oa: The pleasures and perils of whiskey by Colin McAdam

from The New Yorker February 3, 2014

Full Fathom Five: Derek Walcott's seascapes by Adam Kirsch



Le Plateau Art Space Paris

Alejandro Cesarco at Le Plateau Paris. This space inspires me each time because I find new works that make everyday things feel more special through someone else's lense. The world becomes more bearable because within the most banal moment you can learn to find inspiration and beauty.

I love these works that put things like book indexes in a new context for reexamination. I like the scientific quality of the piece on regret that is taken from the four literary genres: Romantic, Comic, Tragic & Ironic, with photographe from Jean luc Godard's film 'Une Femme Mariee' 


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Fishermen of Brittany and Normandy

At a flea market yesterday I saw this fantastic painting, about 12x10", of a close up on three men's faces; weathered, leathery fishermen's faces.
I inquired about the painting, and the woman told me the name of the artist, that his subject of choice was the fishermen of Brittany and Normandy, the Northern coast of france, and that is cost 620 euros. Since I had just bought a beautiful painting of a port scene down the street for 10 euro (down from 15) I was not really ready to make such a commitment to these three men, as good looking as they were, so to speak. I told her I would do some research about the artist. And of course, the name now escapes me. So in my effort to find him again, I have gathered a collection of paintings from the genre that I'll now share.

BARNOIN Henri Alphonse

 nathalie hudaverdian, for a more contemporary scene
by Pascal Briba, just for fun
An amazing image, portrait of Georges Bertré

And these are the closest I have found to what I saw:

All Portraits by Lionel Floch

 Still haven't found who I'm looking for...

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