FAAR is a platform and community that bridges the fields of design, technology, and aerospace.

The premise: Use design as a language and vehicle for communicating our needs to support a thriving human future in the technological era, with an emphasis on human well-being.

Essential question: How can we use design and design thinking to start a discussion now that will set us on a course for our most positive possible future?


FAAR at MIT Media Lab: Beyond the Cradle

I was invited to lead a workshop entitled “Space and the Body: From Augmentation to Fashion.” Along with guest speakers Viktoria Modesta and Andrea Lauer.

“Space and the Body: From Augmentation to Fashion

In every photo of a human in space, we see a spacesuit. The spacesuit symbolizes both the promise and the terror of human progress---the boundless possibility of technological achievement and the fragility of the human body apart from the Earth. What we wear in the void inevitably becomes an integral part of us. From augmentation to fashion, how will the body adapt to the most hostile environment we can imagine? What are the limits of our fundamental nature? Join bionic pop artist Viktoria Modesta, performance artist Xin Liu, and fashion pioneers Andrea Lauer and Lee Anderson in designing the look of the new space age.”



FAAR at The Outpost

At The Outpost, an experiential trade show for the outdoor industry, I designed and led a design thinking workshop for attendees, exploring concepts of products for space, using the design principles of biomimicry.

We introduced the workshop with an fireside chat between NASA Astronaut Yvonne Cagle and myself. Powered with Yvonne’s insight into the realities of life in space that she has trained for, and with a set of characteristics from nature to draw from in their biomimicry design, participants conceptualized and presented a product or service solution for everyday life in space.

Photographer Reuben Wu supported the workshop, providing a setting with his out-of-this world imagery.



FAAR Panel events

FAAR has hosted round table and panel events in cities around the US, discussing interdisciplinary collaboration, and the mutual interests of the design and technology worlds–and creating tangible supports for partnerships and collaboration.