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Spring Outerwear, an Oxymoron?

 It is like a brainteaser, the process of defining ‘outerwear’ in regards to spring and summer weather. The word itself evokes cold places, wind, cocooning. But spring and summer require a light hand, giving tactile and visual cues of refreshing relief from the hot, the humid, and the sun.

Compound all of that with geographically citified garments contradicting the word’s association with the great outdoors, and outerwear just doesn’t seem like the outerwear anymore.

That is also the magic of design, being able to make something functional without it looking functional. To create a purely aesthetic attraction, only reinforced by the qualities embodied.

Like human attraction, while it might be physical features that catch your eye, the personality reveals itself upon closer examination.

What a spring jacket should do, above all, is to out-design function. The best jacket or coat is one that does not let on that it was conceived through a problem-solving ritual of utilitarian quandaries.

This most recent collection aimed to do just that (reserving the right, of course, to create certain pieces just for the sake of making something beautiful). That said, if you have any insight into what you look for in a spring jacket or any garment in the spring/summer months, please leave a comment below.

The best thing about problem solving is that it is ongoing and interactive, always improving thanks to new knowledge and new resources, and your feedback. Starkweather is always looking to innovate, to improve its product for you through every season.