Company values are important to us here. And rather than throwing characteristics up on a wall, we looked back in our experience to the times when we felt fully inspired and like anything was possible. This is the attitude we at Starkweather want to embody, while tackling big issues from Fashion & Aerospace, to the design of a new Crux answering new design challenges.

33 crept in slowly, through a pivot last year, seeking guidance from timeless sources of inspiration to carry Starkweather into the next chapters, and years ahead. This number not only represented a way to show thanks for the place of origin of the Starkweather story, Chicago, but also the resilience and competitive spirit of athletes who, over and again, leave it all out there on the playing field. And more specifically, an athlete who helped transform a team with one star player into a legendary unit. 

Why 33? Because Scottie Pippen.

Because Focus, Determination, Alertness, Commitment, Adaptability, Balance

Growing up in Chicago in the early 90s, I couldn't,  at the time, have understood the impact that those games in the Chicago Stadium and United Center would have on me. The Scottie Pippen jersey that my dad gave me has become less a symbol of fandom than a reminder of the principles that made that team great. 

With six championship rings, two three-peats, and a spot in the basketball hall of fame, Scottie Pippen was not only part of a great team, but his particular role was unique in making it possible for Michael Jordan to be a teammate and not just a rogue super star. This is what it takes to get great things done. Leadership and teamwork together, working towards one clearly stated common goal.

That's why 33.