Monday’s focus group generated a great conversation, mostly on the topics of culture and values, and education, although we touched on some wider systematic trends that involve every aspect of the industry.

Thank you to everyone who came and to 30 Weeks for hosting!

Some of the main takeaways:

      There is a disconnect between the priorities of the brands and the priorities of the customers.

   This is in part because of a wider cultural state that is bigger than the fashion industry alone (but maybe perpetuated by aspects of the fashion industry)

  And also because the brands need to better educate the sales people and the customer

   The customer must also make it the prerogative of sales people to be educated about the products

   = Gap between production and consumption

      There is a desire to do more with less

   How to encourage less consumption while creating growth in the industry

   Paradigm shift in values and habits of consumption

   Different business objectives (other than growth) like problem solving, for example

   Creating a foundation of values in company culture

      There is a desire for more interdisciplinary talent

   Fashion benefits from looking outside of itself for inspiration and for direction on what is next and what is possible

   Students need to be informed of the diversity of the job market so they can prepare for different kinds of roles and explore where their interests lie during their formal education

   Education in diverse fields adds to the value of an employee

      Sexy vs Unsexy fashion

   Why are some of the most viable and innovative businesses "unsexy?"

   Why is the "sexy" side sexy and the "unsexy" side unsexy?

Some other key topics we’ll discuss, as the events moving forward will dive deep into specialized issues

      Who is teaching material innovation and who is guiding the use of these technologies?

      Collaboration and cross-disciplinary teams

      Humanness (craving / seeking / implementing) & human connection

      The future of retail

      Data is disrupting the fashion insutry

–    Millennial customer as that demographic comes of age 

Great things can happen within a community with an open forum of discussion. We hope to have the opportunity to see what you have to bring to the table.