It was a really wonderful day in Chicago at the Casino where Starkweather went back to its roots. The weather acted accordingly, changing from summer to fall almost overnight to set the mood for the layering and cozy wrapped up feeling you get when trying on these pieces in a setting such as the venerable building in downtown Chicago. 

It was great to have a chance to highlight the fabrics that are the most critical element of the pieces. Some favorites were the cashmere wool backed with weather proofing nylon from Colombo in Italy and the buttery lambskin leather from Bodin Joyeux in France.

Showing some pieces for Fall / Winter and some pieces for Spring, there was a feeling of harmony that fit so naturally on the fantastic women who came through to try on, discover and acquire a piece of the Starkweather story for their own wardrobe.

You read it here first: Starkweather will be back in Chicago on November 13 for a follow up show and party with  a surprise that we are anxious to reveal.