Prada and Barneys rekindle their love

"Even when we reduce genuine deep thoughts to fashion deep thoughts, it’s still stimulating, engaging and fun to discuss and debate. In this case, the deep-thoughts windows beckon viewers in and up to the fourth floor, where they’ll come upon some of the very best fashion has to offer — clothes that offer a powerful fusion of beautiful and interesting."

Bridget Foley's Diary WWD

The awesomeness of Joor

“I think it comes down to it’s a good idea, it’s viable,” she says. “From there, it’s really about execution and hiring the right people and thinking about execution not in terms of technology, but of product. Product is really about how good the technology stands up and how the client feels when he or she is using the product. That’s been the lesson, and for me it’s been how do you continue to focus on improving that experience?”

Upstart Business Journal

On Rent the Runway's next phase

“We really wanted to attack Zara andH&M head on,” Hyman told WWD in aninterview at the company’s headquarters here about the beta launch of Rent the Runway’s Unlimited business, which is part of what she calls Rent the Runway 2.0. “When there is a trend and you want to update, the mass-market customer will go to H&M or Zara and buy something disposable — [they] buy [this] like junkfood."

"This business is here to save designer fashion. [We have to] stop this addiction that we’ve had to disposable junk over the last 15 years.”


This was supposed to be The Year of the wearable

"The success of any one device in the wearable market will greatly depend on the utility that device provides—and the utility is determined by the software. However, given the ignominious fate of the Segway and general ridicule of Google Glass, the wearable industry would be foolish to completely ignore the importance of design if the market is to survive long past the Year of the Wearable."


What Amazon's new 3D printing store means for 3D printing

"The introduction of the store does indeed mark a potential turning point in the sale of online goods – it means the largest online retailer in the English-speaking world is endorsing a means of direct production and selling that could change how future products are conceived and planned. One-offs and small runs are much more affordable via 3D printing, so theoretically the sky’s the limit on the range of things customers could order, provided 3D printing technology keeps evolving."