A big thank you to Clausette for the feature:

ITW | Starkweather wrapping you up for the cold winter

Cold has been back for quite a while now. Though I like to complain about it, winter fashion is something very exciting and I love to wear layers to be all wrapped up when the coldness hits Paris. But when choosing my coats and other warm clothes, I always come up with a problem: it never warms me as I would want it to: letting the warm parts of my body breath and warming up the sensitive parts at the same time. But I recently met Lee Anderson from Starkweather, the brand where function meets fashion. Lee says the first priority is to set up options that truly answer to our needs in cold weather.


Weather should not de-personalize our sartorial choices. When function is the first priority, the options which truly answer those needs are very limited in selection and in style. By rethinking the way we protect our bodies, Lee found the layering that properly allows the protection of the most vulnerable areas of our bodies while optimizing mobility for on-the-go lifestyles. Starkweather offers outerwear solutions for women in the city seeking a balance between style and function. Through its layering principle, Starkweather is a year round collection for the most extreme weather days as well as transitional seasons.

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