Since the relaunch in September, we've been looking forward to this moment.

So much has to happen for one delivery to get out smoothly and successfully. In the interim, there are many other goings-on in the business day to day that make it interesting, dynamic and challenging each day. 

With the first delivery since the relaunch in September heading out the door, there were some expected unexpected hold ups, and some unexpected unexpected hold ups that teach us how much we need to anticipate last minute adjustments. We've learned to react quickly and make the proper changes so that the pieces arrive in your hands at the top of of our high standards. 

To all of you who placed orders, we are so proud to be represented by you when you are out on the streets in your Starkweather gear. And we hope you'll come back for more, many times over!

We also appreciate your patience in the advance sale system, and hope that you'll find every time you wear your coat or liner or Crux that it was worth the wait. 

UPS drove off yesterday with 80% of those first orders. We are giddy.


We've a new home in New York.

Piece by piece, Paris is disappearing from operations. The Vicq d'Azir studio will still be on our business cards for another spell, but the map below is evidence of our new home in Manhattan. 

Moving back to the US is a strategic choice in many ways, but mostly it brings Starkweather back to its roots. A concept that formed from a pain point that is more prevalent in American cities than the capitals of Europe, and in cities that experience a real, bone-chilling frost in the winter months, Starkweather answers that call. 


We're focusing on the details

Horn Buttons, trims, all the little details coming together streamlining our operations and making sure we are sourcing the best of the best for the pieces we deliver to you.