After seeing a number of Haute Couture shows this past week, I challenged myself to imagine the different Mise-en-Scènes possible at the various venues.

One of the amazing things about this initiative, is that it could take ANY shape or form.


These are meant to require minimal production efforts, just enough to send a strong and lasting message about the new-coming brand.

Imagine a performance involving as little as one model, changing outfits behind a screen on the runway. Or a video projection with some tactile components in the space. Or some actors creating characters around the backstory of the collection. Or a few girls voguing in the middle of the runway. 

Whatever the spirit of the brand, the presentation will take on a form to suit them. Theatrical, impactful, Moving, Conceptual, Ostentatious. The standards must be held high, both to honor the host brand, and to cultivate the state of mind for the next generation of knock-your-socks-off runway designers.

We all know that there are certain collections that fall flat on the runway, and are better reserved for the showroom racks. This is the kind of show that has made fashion week the mess of overbooked madness that it is. As spectators, Journalists, Buyers, and other Creatives, what is better than to see a show that moves you? The kind of show that takes on a life of it's own.

Let's add another opportunity for creativity and excitement during this week of wonted chaos and routine.

Who wants to go first?