On the heels of the re-launch of the Starkweather website (edition II, in planning for edition III), it feels necessary to talk about some of the reasons why this site is important, and what it means from where Starkweather started to where it is now.

When I first decided I was going to dive in and begin this collection, I was convinced that web presence would cheapen it. A facebook page, ABsolutely not. I was not about to be sucked into the hype and become a slave to digital media. Alas, I quickly realized that Alaia’s success sans online presence was not to be repeated in this generation, or any to come. That time of good old P2P (person to person) marketing is much changed. And maybe that’s not such a terrible thing. The digital era means unlimited access to your audience with no middle man. And a brand's online presentation can reinforce its image in a very positive way vis-a-vis the customer. If you can reach them, that is.

Of course there is more noise and chatter than ever before. There is more narcissism and more self-congratulatory behavior than this user can stand on certain days. But I take a step back, and accept that I too am a novice. I dipped my toes in at first and got meager results then nothing. I thought it would grow on its own. You know, if I build it they will come. But that hasn’t been true either.

This is the challenge of the times. The challenge for every designer in my position. Connect to your audience, and be the one in control of your fate. The buyers are no longer hungry for the new thing- the new thing is no longer novel. They want the sure thing. We are in a reversal of past decades’ dependence on buyers to seek out the worlds emerging talent. Now anyone with a computer can go online and find new brands everyday. The digital age has empowered the consumer. Chances are the challenge will be to find a place to buy the designs they discover and love. So the best I can do is offer both key locations: A place to find Starkweather and a place to Buy Starkweather.

So welcome to the new website. I hope you find your bonheur, spread the word, and come back again!