Professional Values

Company values are more than a sequence of words or esoteric concepts, they are the foundation and spirit of your company. They are the reason people want to work for you, and the reason your customers choose you over the competition. They are the thing that you look to when important decisions leave you at a crossroads.

We will look at some of the greatest examples of company values, and the ways in which those values are communicated to the public and to their employees.

We will workshop your own company values (existing or under construction) and ways to communicate them beyond verbiage.

You will leave the event with a deeper understanding of why values matter, and new approaches to identifying and embodying the values of your own business.

THIS WORKSHOP is for current and future founders, human resource professionals, managers and branding professionals.

System Thinking

Learn how system thinking can help you in your career and running your own business

System thinking is a unique process for decision making and problem solving that takes into consideration all of the interacting elements related to an issue. It means looking at the bigger picture and the long term. It means looking across disciplines and across industries. More than anything, it is understanding that all things are interrelated. There are infinite opportunities in those overlaps, but the connections aren't always easy to see. Our goal in this workshop is to show you how a problem-solving mind set can help you identify those opportunities, gauge feasibility and measure their potential impact. 

You will leave the workshop with new tools for how to switch between big picture thinking and real time action, to identify opportunities for partnership and collaboration with other teams within your organization or across companies and disciplines, and a vocabulary for communicating these tools to your colleagues and peers.

THIS WORKSHOP is for problem solvers, looking for new ways to approach systemic issues in their workplace. The principles of system thinking can be applied during routine planning, or to support time sensitive decision making.

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