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My sister once described me as 'more grungy' in comparison to her when describing our styles to someone. my response was a quick "I am not grungy." I didn't really know what it meant at the time except I had the idea it meant dirty. And since I regularly washed my hair and my jeans, I figured it couldn't be true. Not that those things are less true now (maybe a little less true) but at least I get what she was saying now. I have very few memories from when I was younger...so I'm glad that is one of them.
there is credit due to the musicians and fans who created the movement:
 Veronica Webb in Stephen Sprouse FW 1985 via corbis
 On the Street in Seatle 1993 by Mauro Carraro via corbis
Kurt Cobain in Studio Image via eyeball.fm

And there is credit due to the designer who was able to channel and market it to a high end consumer. Did they know they were wearing clothes inspired by drug addicted, chain and ripped jean wearing, long haired dudes who screamed into microphones and smashed guitars in front of audiences of angst-y young people who felt these musicians were the only people who could possibly understand what they were going through?
Not when it has a Perry Ellis label in it (thank you young Marc Jacobs)

 Perry Ellis spring 1993 backstage via corbis

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