Corrine Day is known for transforming the editorial fashion industry with her raw and natural approach to fashion phtography. With Kate Moss as the perfect imperfect muse, she was able to achieve a reality that was a close to real as any set can produce. But that was not always what people wanted- reality can be sad, as she said, and sometimes people just want fantasy. Turning her career down a documentary road she had that freedom. But in the spirit of grunge and unconventional transitions in the 90s in particular, I think it is appropriate to give a quick nod to Day. Here are some of her fashion contributions, recent and old.

Images from Chinese Vogue November 2008- here for their outdoor amazing chic use of tall grass and century old wooden shackled house
Two early shots from various spreads, for their whimsy

These from British Vogue October 2003- Geoff Dyer Haute Couture prep, for the rawness of the 'behind the scenes'
Since her death in 2010, several blogs, newspapers, and other publications paid homage to her life and career. Here are a couple that I wanted to share:
Really awesome selection of images on Focus on to Film Blog
Corrine Day Obituary in the telegraph