Today I drove to Aspen with my mom from her house in the valley near the divide... doesn't that just sound like somewhere you want to go?
We had views of Snowmass ski mountain, and then Buttermilk as we approached the town. And the weather changed constantly during the 20 minute drive. It had been so since the morning, or even yesterday evening.
This morning it was snowing when I woke up, the ground and sky where white. Half an hour later the snow had turned to rain and in a matter of half a minute the green grass was all around again- no snow to be seen except on the mountains surrounding the valley, barely visible through the misty clouds.
By the time I had tried to go for a run with daisy, our amazing black lab, and been turned around by the freezing rain that was starting to fall again right where the road goes from paved to dirt, I had conceded to the fact that we were having a volatile weather day. And decided just to go with it.
Leaving Aspen, we walked back to the car five minutes away under balls of hail that decorated my hair and scarf like giant seed-beads embroidered all over me. It was amazing, I love the snow and it felt so perfect on this day for whatever reason. I got behind the wheel on our way to the monastery to pick up some of the monk's beautiful handmade cards for my grandmother. The pressed flower cards were to be purchased with the ten dollars my mom found in her pocket during the hail storm. The light was coming down behind the rain clouds above us and shone down on the mountains about three miles away. Like a stairway to heaven.
Back home my mom took out the loaf of lemon poppy seed bread (for me) and but in a loaf of banana bread (for my brother) while he and I decided to re-route our drive back to Chicago to pass by Mount Rushmore. We will add about six hours to our trip, but broaden our horizons and share a really great adventure.
And then make it back to Chicago to meet up with my dad and sister to see game three of the Eastern Conference finals between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat. This is now life with my family. I am a lucky girl. And I can't wait to watch the game which totally inspires me...These men who can make such amazing moments happen out of nothing but a ball a net and some air.