A woman in her 70s with her family was behind me as I took a picture at the DOGON exhibit at the Musée du quai Branley.
She says something about how it is such a nuisance that people take their pictures at the exhibit, so they won't need to buy the catalog, or just buy the catalog, or something along those lines.
But these photos are mine, they are in the space, they were from my experience there.
It is true that the catalog was beautiful and the sculptures are not interrupted by reflections on the glass cases inside which they all sat.
Anyway, I get what she's saying- I never really thought about it like that. My camera is more like my notebook, that is one of it's functions anyway, less artistically, it is a tool for documenting things that I don't want to forget when I get home and then maybe every once in a while there is a pretty image in there as well.
Here are a couple of my clandestine photos...