It is really inspiring, after looking at tons of graphic design books, to come back to something that felt so much more intimate. I love a good digital composition, and will always love them- but when it comes to actually applying the aesthetic to my own needs, this method is much more natural to me. And so I love this book, and as soon as I picked it up I knew I had to take it home. It is all about the images, which makes it beautiful to look at- there are a couple that are blown up too large, and so the image quality is not so great- but you still get a sense of the colors and compositions of the original piece. I want to get started on my own!
And it also made me curious about the publisher (Gestalten). At Artazart, my go-to bookstore by the Canal Saint-Martin, had a couple of them on display together and they all seemed very different and creative and cool. So I will keep them in mind. You should check them out, too.