Saturday morning, at the little café up from the canal, rue da la grange aux belles, out of the corner of my eye I see a briliantly white captian's' cap. Below, a pair of ray ban aviators with gold rims, below a hawaiian printed tee shirt of palm trees and the ocean, sea foam green and a nice light blue with touches of red and yellow, below that a pair of navy twill boating shorts, and finally, at the ends of his casually crossed legs, a pair or havaianas.
Thinking back it might have been nice to see topsiders, but then he wouldn't have been the laid back tropical sea captain- it would have been too northern preppy sea. And he was more motor/fisherman than gusty sailor/skipper.
The canal is not exactly the Mediterranean. It is like he took a wrong turn from Antibes and found himself en plein Paris. So he thought he'd tie off his boat, and stops to have a litte café allongé.
dessin très brute: