The Thoreau Problem | Rebecca Solnit | Orion Magazine

This article has articulated the dilemma that I have encountered when discussing the book with friends and peers. I want to lift one extract that I found the most helpful in my argument supporting the wide reach of the book and why it applies to so many more scenarios than seclusion in nature.
Walden led me to the consciousness that every day and every thing can inspire advancement and discovery beyond the surface value.
I am a true believer in the inspiration of the everyday nothing
"Those who deny that nature and culture, landscape and politics, the city and the country are inextricably interfused have undermined the connections for all of us (so few have been able to find Thoreau’s short, direct route between them since)."

image via wikipedia: original title page drawn by sophie, Henry David Thoreau's sister

I am also learning more about the author Rebecca Solnit
this portrait was taken by Jim Herrington
his photography is pretty amazing and bold- not afraid of contrast, he is able to make a really striking image of a moment that he captures and then pushes to it's extreme in the qualities that he wants to emphasize. Here are some of my favorites:
look into his work on his blog where you get some great back stories and his flickr for tons of work (his website -linked above- is my favorite to look at- very cool site and well edited so you get a real feeling of his strongest work)