At Shakespeare & co. in Paris yesterday I sat with a friend for a half an hour reading in the library upstairs (there were a million people milling the bottom retail floor but very few people in the quiet reading room in the front of the top floor).
I picked up a copy of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Hiawatha, being an avid Native American Explorer, it is one of my simple pleasures to read or look at anything / interpretation of their magical (in my romantic vision of things) existence.
this particular edition was illustrated in black line drawings accented by red or blue (depending on the page) marks on the illustrations.
This cover is the most colorful illustration in the entire work by Illustrator Joan Kiddell Monroe:I'd like to share some or her other fantastical illustrations from other works:
Scandinavian Folk tales 1956

India Folk Tales: via a journey round my skull

And also some other covers for different editions of The Song of Hiawatha

by Frederic Remington via LakeSuperior
cover of
by john Gilhart via Minnesota Historical Society

illustrator unknown via cover browser