Pictures from puretrend along with a nice bio on the couple
The couple that started the concept store l'Eclaireur in Paris.
Genius concept of different universes all under the same name. Each address has a different feeling, a different personality, tells a different story.

I especially love the store on rue Sévigne. Although my favorite Eclaireur experience was walking into the store on Rue Harold and trying on this long, slightly deconstructed coat with the most amazing structural details and the total body consciousness of it which was reminiscent of a 19th century day costume whose edges had been worn a little thin.
My friend and once teacher was the one who finally got me to get over there. And it was she who was daring enough to start to analyze the coat while I tried it on. The sales person seemed to love exploring all of its intricacies with us. I loved that. It was about our experience, not about the sale. And of course, had I had the resources, I would have bought something from that wonderful sales girl.

I have realized that with these 'people' posts I introduce people who intrigue me, but whom I don't know- and thus no matter what I say will be a regurgitation of what I've read and seen elsewhere. All I know of them personally is what I have learned from going into the spaces they have created. And so far I like what I see, and I hope that I will be lucky enough to learn more.