this is kind of an interesting post from style bubble about Vena Cava's fall 2011 show
intro with their zina cava magaznie that they had published for the event (the potluck was the same idea, and I am glad i had the sense to edit it out of my presentation, it was the not the right time, when DIY seems more unprofessional than creative)*
It is an interesting discussion that can develop about the different categories of blogers, why they blog, and what the experience is like for them. why do it? For me it gives me an outlet for the things I see and want to gather- I am always tempted to use it more analytically, like now, but feel kind of exposed. But then isn't part of the point to share what is posted with others who might come across the page? And maybe other people will agree and a similar dialogue might begin somewhere else- even far away. Anyway- Suzie bubble triggered this train of thought and I will continue to thing about it. And struggle with this blog thing. But I have some other writing to do.

*I have been realizing this for a while, when every time I tried to integrate any work done by hand, it always comes off looking amateur- and I couldn't figure out what it was except now I get that it is really just a question of refinement and editing. If there is something that makes sense together it should go in- and I will always be keeping my hands dirty- but I think that there is a part of the exploration that should stay in the piles on the desk and in the folders in the drawer, not published as a representation of what the collection is. Unless it stands alone, then maybe that is different.