I remember Fenton first starting, I was an intern at one of the first stores that carried the collection. It was a bunch of chains and charms, a lot like what a lot of people started doing just afterwards- so it was everywhere- and then I didn't see the collection for a while and I was thinking, well that is too bad, it must not be standing out so much now that everyone is doing it. And then I ran into her again and so I started to look back at Fenton- this site has been updated since then, and she has opened a store in New York's Freeman's Alley- but the point is that I was shocked that I was looking at the same designer's work. But then the shock wore off, and I realized that what I was looking at was the evolution of a vision- maybe she was forced to evolve, or maybe it was what she had in mind all along - but that vision is something that is forward thinking and leads the way for others to follow, but never get quite right. She holds that seat-

And here is another collection: Pamela Love- that is at that beginning stage, that I might just check back and see in a year in hopes that that same leap