This article was on le Figaro's website today about an exhibit at the Maison Européene de la Photographie that I was weeks ago and loved (especially seeing th full sized print of this Helmut Newton pair)

these are a couple of the few pictures I took from that day. I wish I could have brought half of them home.

here are some of the other titles I wrote down while I was there: + some images I dug up from those notes

Bernard Faucon Les Ballons 1983 du Serie "Evolution Possible de temps":
Monika Baumgart 2400 Seconds 1976

Martin Parr The Last Resort 1983-85:
Seymore Jacobs Brighton Beach 1978:
Sebastio Selgado Gisement de Petrole du Grand Burhan Kuwait 1991:
Emmet Gowin 1987-89 *Textures:
Raymond Depardon 1991 *Colors, Destroyed Spaces:

Raphaële Dauaporta Antipersonnel 2004 *Black Backgrounds:
Rosella Bellusci Portrait II 2000 *I want one (or 2):

Pierre Verger Dahomey Porto Novo 1949:
Duane Michals The Human Condition 1969: