I went without knowing what to expect, and walked into an overcrowded entry thinking 'great- welcome to the cattle herd.'
Slowly the bottle neck opened up and we were able to walk more or less at our leisure through the space which was surprisingly and wonderfully expansive.
There was a small number of paintings that I did connect to - that I might like to see everyday, had I the means- but, over all, Basquiat is not someone I am drawn to. So it was really amazing for me to walk in and still feel the impact of his universe- his world that he was so inside of- and was so capable of expressing. It is an unbelievable skill to turn what is inside of your head into a tangible object or product. Maybe that sounds too business- anyway- the whole point is to be reminded that it is possible to communicate that universe to others. And even for them to respond to and identify with it.