What is the goal of internal insight events?

To create a forum for discussion, identifying new opportunities and providing a framework for future communication dynamics

and to encourage critical thinking, providing skills and tools for participants to carry forward. 

...I Would Spend 55 Minutes Defining the Problem and then Five Minutes Solving It

What you can achieve

– Refining opportunities through communication with end consumer

– Improve communication between management and teams, and across departments

– Encourage awareness and empathy amongst employees across levels and departments

– Identify sources of inefficiency and uncover potential solutions

– Create a framework for problem solving and decision making

– Proactively plan for the future through lessons from the past and a strong foundation that carries the present day

– An audit of company values, and of their consistency throughout the company and from the customer POV

– A plan to ensure and/or improve the communication of those values

– Improvements in: Communication, efficiency, decision making, employee retention, hiring process, system management


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What you can achieve

– Activate critical thinking in your students

– Help students identify their personal values in relation to their careers

– Empower students to create their own framework for problem solving

– Establish communication methods for cross-disciplinary collaboration

– Creating a foundation for knowing what questions to ask, and how, in professional situations

– Further experience in: Problem solving, critical thinking, cross-disciplinary awareness, self-direction, value assessments


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