connect the dots between technologies & mindsets currently being developed in both fashion & aerospace


*due to the format, this event will be invitation only. There will be a follow up event (date TBD) for general interest that will involve a Q&A with leaders of this converging space. If that's you: Please also register above to get a priority invitation to the upcoming Q&A

Why fashion & aerospace?

In a world where the future is arriving each day at an accelerated pace, technology has initiated a paradigm shift, particularly in traditionally human-centered fields, that is still in flux. Through technology, previously divergent industries have found common ground to collaborate and excel in this new economy. And yet, in many ways, we have not reconciled the conflicting demands of stakeholders, expectations from past paradigms, and short vs. long term outlooks. The result: industries with shared long term interests are tackling interrelated issues in isolation, and on wholly unsynchronized timelines. What would happen if new channels of communication and collaboration were introduced?

To allow ourselves to imagine the future relationship between fashion and aerospace challenges us to take steps towards that reality starting today. The first stages of this evolution are already happening, with parallel exploration into technologies such as 3-D printing, biometrics and advanced textile recycling being innovated in both the fashion and aerospace industries. What would happen if those efforts were aligned?

This event will bring together thinkers/engineers/scientists/designers whose work pushes the boundary of what is possible today versus what we can make possible tomorrow. 

Ways to be involved

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