Starkweather Outerwear is purposeful outerwear for uncompromising women and men living in cities.

At the gap between activewear function and designer level prices, Starkweather blends style and function to create layering pieces that work for more weather, throughout more of the year.

While Starkweather is an outerwear brand with year-round offerings in the pipeline, we are going to market in Fall 2018 with the Liner, and the Crux, because they will help you get more out of the existing outerwear in your closets. 

By adding these strategic, and versatile layering pieces to your wardrobe, you'll multiply the looks and variety from the clothes you already own. That is value add!

This Kickstarter campaign is the catalyst that will allow us to meet minimum quantities from our suppliers, create inventory that will fulfill the pledge rewards, and provide inventory for sales events leading into the fall and holiday seasons. Our $50,000 goal will cover our materials and manufacturing expenses, shipping and fulfillment, and Kickstarter and credit card fees. Without reaching our $50,000 goal, we will not be able to reach our minimum quantities plus the other associated expenses, and that is why Kickstarter is set up as an all or nothing campaign. Your pledge is not processed until the campaign has been fully funded. And then we get to work making your products!

The pledge amounts for the liner and the crux are based on the actual retail value of the item, so by making a pledge of $395 you are essentially placing a pre-order for a crux that will be delivered this fall. 

The liner is exclusively 25 percent off for the duration of the kickstarter campaign. By pledging $295 or more, you are placing a pre-order for the felt liner. 

It is possible to make a pledge for ANY amount, starting at $1, and each and every pledge makes an impact on the positive outcome of the campaign.

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